At Pacific Vocational College we are here to help you become the best Trades Technician that y9ou can be by explaining and demonstrating the technical aspects of the trade.  While we recognize your initial concern may be just to pass each level and inevitably the Interprovincial Exam, our goal is for you to gain sufficient knowledge of the trade that writing exams is not the barrier they may first appear to be.  If your goal is to fully understand the technical aspects, and not to focus on memorizing responses to exam questions, you will have taken the first key step to success.

You should look at your apprenticeship as two/four years of continuous learning rather than two/four levels of exam preparation.  Each level of technical training can be very intense if your are not prepared.  Review all previous levels prior to your next level of training.  Research the topic areas to be covered in the next level prior to attending class.

Pacific Vocational College offers technical training for Plumbing levels 1-4, Sprinklerfitting levels 1-4,
Gasfitting levels 1 and 2.

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